"We hired Alex as our wedding photographer and could not have been happier with her service. My husband and I are generally uncomfortable in front of the camera, but she made it feel natural. We had an engagement shoot a few weeks prior to getting to know each other and get comfortable. I cried when I saw the photos because they were so beautiful. She is so fun to work with and produces amazing photos. Her rates are super reasonable, I would highly recommend!" - Brianna and Dane

"Alex was so fantastic for our wedding, my husband and I were blown away by her work! She was so great about figuring out exactly what we wanted before the big day, and the end result was perfect! She made our day more than we ever dreamed it could be, and we can't thank her enough for that. I'm recommending her to all the couples I know!" - Kaitlyn and Shea

"Working with Alexandra is an absolute DREAM! From initially reaching out to her, choosing the style and location, the photoshoot itself, all the way to receiving our final photos the entire process was seamless. (Plus we got our proofs and finals SO FAST, which is very rare!) 
She was able to capture the sweetest engagement photos of my Finance and I, photos we will cherish forever!  If you're considering taking any kinds of photos with Marcufotography, I can not recommend it enough. THANK YOU ALEXANDRA!" - Makenzie and Frazer

"Alexandra is one in a million within the creative community. Not only is she the most talented photographer/editor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, but she has a heart of gold that makes every shoot so special. Alex always has a way of creating a comfortable space and encouraging ideas outside of your usual comfort zone, and the happiness and love she brings to the table shines through each shot. She’ll always be my favourite yeg photographer for any occasion since she can do it all flawlessly. If you’re looking for a photographer who can make your creative dreams come true while making you feel like you’ve known her for years, Alex is the one!" - Chevaugh

"Alexandra has always made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera, and has made every experience shooting together amazing!" - Aryn

"It was my first time doing an outdoor shoot and I was so nervous especially since it was also my first shoot with someone new. Alex was amazing, her photos show her talent but she’s also extremely kind. She always compliments you when she’s taking photos and she also makes you laugh with her outstanding personality. She is so comfortable to be around. I’m so thankful that she also helped me look natural while posing, she told me how to move and what poses would look good and how to make it look good. She’s a talented confidence booster and I truly appreciate her talent and wonderful personality." - A.J.

"Alexandra is incredibly talented and works hard to maintain an energetic and comfortable environment all throughout the session! She is so fun and all her work is absolutely wonderful!" -M.C.

"Fantastic Photographer! An eye for detail, accommodating towards scheduling, and an absolute steal for the amount of pictures and quality paid for. Also, she’s down-to-earth and super upbeat. What’s not to like?
I highly recommend to anyone looking for exceptional photos that will go a long way for a respectable price point." - C.C.

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